Clay Gun Extrusion Tool

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Clay Gun Extrusion Tool

Clay Gun Extruder is the perfect tool for creating fine clay detail and textures. It can be used for giving unique shapes to all types of clay.

The Clay Gun Extruder is easy to use and comes with 19 different shapes that can be used to create hair-thin strands, grass ribbons, ropes, floral stamens and various other types of unique patterns.

The extrusion tool can be used with different types of clay including Sculpey, Polymer Clay, Play Dough and ceramic clay types.

Product Features: 

  • Use with all sorts of clays (Polymer, Ceramic Clays or Play Dough)
  • Set includes 19 different shaped dies
  • Create decorative extrusions for application onto larger clay works

Dimensions:  This tool measure approximately 9.5cm in length and used 1.6cm dies.

Material:  Stainless Steel

Set Size:  20 Pieces (1 x Extruder & 19 x dies)