Pottery Caliper Stainless Steel 20.5cm

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Pottery Calipers Stainless Steel 20.5cm

Stainless Steel Pottery Calipers are a very handy tool for potters and ceramists, which are capable of measuring the thickness and diameters of thrown pottery and sculptures, both inside and out.

Their easily adjustable compass-like design allows you to take measurements from a model or master piece and compare dimensions against working pieces to ensure consistency in your work.

This makes them a very handy tool when creating pottery or ceramics in sets which are required to be a consistent size and/or thickness, e.g. when creating sets of dinnerware, drinkware, or fitting lids.

Key Features:                                      

  • Easily take measurements to compare and refine the thickness and diameter of thrown pottery or sculpted pieces.
  • Easily adjusted by hand.

Dimensions: 20.5cm

Material:  Stainless Steel