Hole Cutter 8mm

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Hole Cutter 8mm

Hole cutters provide an easy method for professional sculptors and potters to cut clean holes in; leather hardened clay, wet, thick-walled greenware and unfired wheel thrown pottery pieces.
This hole punching tool measures approximately 14.5cm in length and has a cutting diameter suitable for creating Ø 8mm holes.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use tool for making clean cut holes in clay/greenware.
  • Different hole punch sizes are available for achieving the perfect size hole for the job every time.

Tips: Once the hole is cut, allow the hole cut out to dry inside the cutter. As the clay dries, it shrinks and is easily removed!

Technical Details:

  • Punch Diameter: Ø 8mm
  • Product Dimensions: This tool measures approximately 14.5cm in length and has a cutting diameter of Ø 8mm.
  • Material: Stainless steel tubing with wood handle