Paragon 144L Kiln Ceramic TNF233


Suitable for: Porcelain, Stoneware, Low Fire Ceramics, Fast Firings, Dolls, Decals, Crystalline Glazes.

The Paragon TnF-23-3 is designed to fire porcelain and stoneware, it will easily handle low-fire ware.

During busy seasons when orders are backlogged, you will be grateful you own a dependable Paragon kiln such as the TnF-23-3. Studio owners call these kilns “real work horses.”

The 10-sided TnF-23-3 comes in deluxe 3” thick sidewalls, lid and bottom with a top row of 2” high blank wall bricks. Since the brick is without element grooves, it is less susceptible to damage during loading than a grooved brick.

The massive lid is easy to lift with Paragon's patented “LiteLid,” which does away with cumbersome pulleys and cords and reduces lid weight of the lid to enable most people to lit the lid with one hand

You will be amazed at the convenience of digital firing. The reliable solid-state Sentry controller continually monitors the firing so you can spend your time productively without closely watching the kiln. (Please remember, however, to check the kiln during firing and to monitor it near the expected shut off time.) The sealed touch pad keeps out dust and is easy to wipe clean. The digital controller on the Paragon TNF243 has powerful features that you will enjoy using, and better still is user-friendly.

The 61cm wide stand for 10 & 12-sided kilns supports the brick bottom with framing that is 11.5cm wide across the top of each side. The stand accommodates the Orton KilnVent. The stand is rock-steady, with 16-gauge frame and heavy 12-gauge legs.


  • Voltage: 415V
  • Power Type: 3 Phase
  • Maximum Temperature: 1287C
  • Internal Width: 572mm
  • Internal Depth: 565mm
  • Volume: 144.42 litres
  • Power cord: Not included - consult your electrician for installation options
  • Warranty: 2 year limited, parts only (conditions apply)

As Paragon kilns are imported directly from the USA, pricing is subject to fluctuations in the conversion rate of the US Dollar. Customers are welcome to request a quote when considering a kiln purchase.