Scott Creek Super Duper Clay Gun Extruder


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The Scott Creek Super Duper Clay Gun is a handy and exceptionally durable handheld extruder perfect for small classroom settings, home studios and smaller clay projects.

With a 25cm threaded barrel which holds up to 1.5-2kg of clay, the extruder gun is compact and ideal for making small extrusions. The removable barrel makes for easy cleaning when working with different clays and the design also makes it possible to switch out dies when there is clay still in the barrel.

This extruder comes with 3 dies (2 blanks and 1/2" round) and also fits most other 5cm (2") diameter dies.

Barrel: 25cm (10") long with a 5cm (2") diameter


  • 1 x 1.2cm coil die
  • 2 x 5cm (2") blank dies for you to create your own unique extruded forms

Note: For ease of use and improved life of the product, we recommend using very soft clay through your clay gun.

Instructions: For instructions on loading the barrel, changing dies while there is still clay in the barrell and how to make custom dies please refer to the instuction sheet provided in the resources tab.