Clock Movements

Whether you are a hobbyist or serious clock maker, our clock mechanisms will fit your needs.

They run on one AA battery and are accurate to around 2 minutes per year.

Each clock movement comes with a metal nut, and metal and rubber washers (as pictured) and feature a silent smooth continuous motion (ie. they do not make a ticking sound). With the only exception being our largest, 20mm thread movement.


Choosing the correct size movement/mechanism

To choose the proper thread length measure the thickness of your clock face and allow approximately 3mm  for the nut, washer and hanger. Choose a thread length that will accommodate the total clearance.

Assembling your clock

  1. Drill an 8.5 mm hole through the clock face to insert the movement shaft.
  2. If using a hanger, place this over the raised collar.
  3. Place the rubber washer onto the shaft.
  4. Insert shaft through clock face from the back and ensure it is positioned correctly.
  5. Thread the brass washer onto the shaft, followed by the brass nut. Tighten until finger tight.
  6. Gently press the hour hand onto the shaft and position at 12 o’clock.
  7. Then press the minute hand onto the shaft and position at 12 o’clock.
  8. Press sweep hand gently onto the pin inside the shaft (optional)
  9. Make sure there is clearance between the hands. You may need to bend the hands slightly to ensure that they do not catch on each other or on any design elements.
*All Ceramicraft Clock Movements are compatible with Ceramicraft Clock Hands, however we cannot guarantee compatibility with other Clock Hands.